WWII British Military G.M. Compass

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Size (WxDxH): 5 x 9 x 5.5 inches
Material: Assorted Materials
Origin: Middlesex, England


WWII British military G.M. Compass MK.4 F Gyro unit Type B. Manufactured by The Sperry Gyroscope Co. Ltd. in Brentford, Middlesex, England. Could possibly be from a Lancaster bomber or a Spitfire. Note the admonishment on case: DO NOT JAR, HANDLE LIKE EGGS. The serial number is C6849/60. A gyrocompass is used like a magnetic compass for ships, aircraft and other vehicles to find geographical directions.
The Sperry Gyroscopecompany was founded in 1910, as the Sperry Gyroscope Company by Elmer Ambrose Sperry to manufacture navigation equipment, chiefly his own inventionsth - e marine gyrostabilizer and the gyrocompass. During World War I the company diversified into aircraft components including bomb sights and fire control systems. In their early decades, Sperry Gyroscope and related companies were concentrated on Long Island, New York, especially in Nassau County. Over the years, it diversified to other locations including Britain. In the U.K. they started with a factory in Pimlico, London, in 1913 that was manufacturing gyroscopic compasses for the Royal Navy.