Signal Horn and Air Pump

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Size (WxDxH): 20 x 10 x 27 inches
Material: Assorted Materials
Period: 1940s-50s
Origin: Surrey, England


Extremely rare, 1940s/50s signal horn and air pump by Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd. Chessington, Surrey, for use by divers, fire fighters and coal mine workers. Fully restored and in working order. This device was originally designed to supply air to deep sea divers but was later converted and sold as an alarm horn when more efficient breathing air devices were developed. It has a foot operated leather bellows and brass trumpet horn, mounted on wooden base. On the top is still the instructions plaque for the divers "Code of Signals on life line from wearer to attendant" - "1 pull, more air, 2 pulls, less air, 3 pulls, help me out immediately.”