Commission an Artwork

Commissioning a painting is a fantastic way for you to acquire a work of art that matches your requirements and preferences. If there is a particular artist or style of work that you like, whether it is from our contemporary paintings section, traditional arts such as Pichwai or Tanjore, or even our Tribal & Folk Art selection, our team can work closely with you to get a piece commissioned that suits your requirements across size, budget, and aesthetic style.

Select commissioned works executed by us

1. Commissioned works by Nikheel Aphale for a client in Washington state, USA

The client wanted 4 artworks depicting various gods and and prayers that she believes in. Calligraphy artist Nikheel Aphale created a set of 4 complementary artworks depicting the Namokar Mantra from Jainism, Lord Shiva, the Gayatri Mantra, and Lord Ganesha.

2. Commissioned work by Gurudas Shenoy for an art consultant in Kolkata, India

The client wanted a large scale 4 x 12 feet artwork by eminent artist Gurudas Shenoy, with a very specific subject in mind – Banaras Ghats. While the artist does not usually work on this subject as part of his oeuvre, we worked closely with him to translate the client’s vision into reality.

3. Commissioned Pichwai painting on cloth for a client in Mumbai, India

The client, an ardent devotee of Lord Shrinathji, needed a pichwai painting as a backdrop in their worship area at home. They wanted a very muted colour palette in the painting, so that it could be placed behind the idols in their home temple.

We’ve taken on commissioned work for clients across the world to create pieces that truly resonate with them. From concept to execution to delivery, we ensure the client is fully comfortable every step of the way and is overjoyed with the final work of art that is created. So, let’s start the process of bringing alive your vision through our expertise.