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We know that for a design professional, it’s the finer details that makes all the difference; that colonial arm chair for the porch, a mosaic mirror in the hallway, the handwoven artistic rug in the bedroom, or an exquisite Buddha painting in the study.

At Artisera, we help you with your search for stand-out pieces of art and décor, that accentuate the beautiful spaces that you imagine, design and create. Whether your projects are residential or commercial, big or small, we work closely with you to understand your requirements, and then identify and source the most appropriate pieces to help you realize the design vision for your client’s space.

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Why Artisera?

Wide Product Range

We house a curated selection across several categories including wall art, furniture, showpieces, collectibles, and home décor, so you can find a variety of pieces for your projects from one source.

Trade Discounts

We offer trade discounts ranging from 5-15%, depending on the category and value of the item.

No Advisory Fees

Our personalized advisory service, through which we help you make informed purchases after understanding your project needs, is free of charge.

Expansive Sourcing Network

We house collections from 50+ of the most well-established stores and galleries, and 100+ artists and designers from India and around the world, giving you sufficient, yet curated options to choose from.

Impeccable Curation

Every piece you see on Artisera, meets the highest standards in quality, character and aesthetics.

Commissioned Work

We can meet your requirements for customized solutions, including artworks, furniture, carpets and more, through our extensive sourcing network.

Diverse Palate

Whatever the theme of your project, contemporary or traditional, minimalistic or intricate, our selection will definitely strike a chord with your client.

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