Sukunda Lamp

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Size: 3 x 7 x 6 inches
Material: Brass
Origin: Nepal


This is a Nepali Sukunda, repoussed brass, ritual lamp, with Ganesha. Sukunda lamps are indigenous to the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley and play an important role in most rituals, including birth, marriage and death rituals. The vase or pot part of the lamp is used for storing the oil. This is ladled out and put on the shallow dish that projects from the front of the vase, where a wick is burned using the oil as fuel. The vase part with a flared foot is of hammered and repoussed brass and has ribs. The edges of the neck of the vase and the flared foot are decorated with petals. The left side of the base is missing/damaged, but the piece still stands balanced. The handle is cast with a leaf frond which rises up to meet a five-headed cobra. Nestled within the hooded canopy is a cast rendering of either Vishnu or Naga Devatha (a serpent goddess). As the figure is worn with time, it is difficult to make out. The lamp dish (the dalupa) is triangular in shape with petal and twisted rope designs around the edge. On either side at the back are protruding leaves, as well a leaf in relief inside the well. Between them is Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, who is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is the god of wisdom, bestower of favours, giver of success in all undertakings and the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is rendered with an elaborate prabhavali around him.