Aarti Lamp

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Size: 16 x 10 x 14 inches
Medium: Brass
Origin: Maharashtra / Gujarat


This is a stunning, brass, repousse and lost-wax cast, aarti lamp from Maharashtra/Gujarat. The word “aarti” is derived from the Sanskrit word aratrika, which means something that removes darkness. Aarti can range from simple acts of Hindu worship to extravagant rituals, but always includes flame or light. It involves the circulating of an aarti plate or aarti lamp around a deity. In most versions the plate, lamp, or flame represents the power of the deity. In this aarti lamp, there are five layers of 63 petal-like projections for wicks. Below this is a circular drip pan. At the top is a small bowl with a pierced dome lid so burning incense can be placed inside and scented smoke will waft out. The flared foot of the lamp has beautiful stylised floral designs on it. To the side is an elegant, curved handle to allow for the aarti to be performed. There is also a small handle near the lamp, this might be in case two hands are needed to hold it.
The ancient art of lost-wax casting dates back nearly 6000 years in India. First, an artist creates an original model from wax. Everything is then encased with layers of clay, thus becoming a mould for the molten metal that will be poured inside it. When this is poured in, the wax melts and the original is lost. Once the metal hardens, the outer layer of clay is smashed, which is what makes each piece unique.