Untitled - II

by Chameli Ramachandran
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Size: 10.5" x 10.5"
Medium: Chinese Ink & Watercolour
  • ABOUT Chameli Ramachandran

    Chameli Ramachandran is an Indian artist of Chinese origin, known for her distinctive artistic style and delicate brush work, derived from Chinese paintings and calligraphy. She is renowned for her ethereal portrayal of Indian flora and vegetation, transforming an individual flower or plant into an almost abstract form, while skilfully capturing its lightness, delicate texture and translucent hues. Born in 1940 in Santiniketan, West Bengal, Chameli Ramachandran is the daughter of the Founder-Director of Cheena Bhavana (Institute of Chinese Studies) Professor Tan Yun Shan, at the Visva Bharati University. She obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts and Crafts and a Master’s Degree in Ancient Indian History and Culture from Visva Bharati University, and it was here that she was taught the brush and ink technique of Chinese paintings.

    Ramachandran’s art is heavily inspired by her father’s calligraphy works. The dominant theme in her paintings is nature. Stimulated by the plants and vegetation that she observes around her, Ramachandran’s art is spontaneous and fluid, but still showcases the strong control and command she has over the brush.

    She has held numerous solo and group shows, including one with artist Paramjit Singh in New Delhi. She has also collaborated with artist A. Ramachandran in a number of projects, especially in writing and illustrating picture books, published in India, Japan and England.Chameli Ramachandran lives and works in New Delhi.

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