Shiva Linga Altar with Dhara Patra

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Size: 11" (H) x 5" (W) x 5" (D)
Material: Copper, Stone and Brass
Condition: Some discolouration and patches


An unconventional and old find from North India, this collectibles comprises of a Shiva Linga altar and a dhara patra.
The Shiva Linga is an abstract representation of the Hindu God Shiva, while the Yoni is a depiction of the Goddess Shakti. This beautiful Shiva Linga altar consists of a yoni and pedestal made in copper, and a linga made of stone. The union of the yoni and lingam represents the eternal process of creation and all existence, which is often depicted with a cylinder resting within a spouted dish.
A dhara patra (finial spout) is used for the devotional ritual of abhishekam, which involves the pouring of a liquid offering on a deity. This dhara patra, in the shape of Nandi (the bull that serves as Lord Shiva's mount or vahana) is used to pour offerings on the Shiva Linga. The brass holder for the spout is newly made, and there are a few patches and discolouration on the body of the spout.