Rama Pattabhishekam

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Size: 27 x 21.5 inches
Medium: Mysore Painting


Mysore Painting is a classical South Indian style of painting, that is similar to Tanjore. It really flourished under the patronage of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodiyar III in the 18th-19th centuries. Mysore paintings are characterized by delicate lines, intricate brush strokes, graceful delineation of figures and the use of lustrous gold leaf. They typically depict Hindu gods and goddesses, or elaborate scenes from Indian mythology.
This exquisitely detailed, old Mysore Painting depicts Rama Pattabhishekam, or Lord Rama's coronation ceremony. Lord Rama is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism. Considered as purushottama or ‘the supreme being’, he is the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. His coronation took place in Ayodhya, after he defeated Ravana in Lanka. The painting also features Sita, Hanuman, the Vanaras and Saptarishis, amongst others.