Notes from the Cradle - 6

by Atul Bhalla
(inclusive of taxes)


Size: 17.7" x 53.1"
Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Year: 2012


Notes from the Cradle is a series of still lives by photographer Atul Bhalla, who says:

“I came upon the objects used in the works at the Cradle of Humankind, a World heritage UNESCO site just outside Johannesburg. Human remains, whole erect skeletons dating back 3 million years have been found here where ancestors of all humankind roamed in these vast beautiful grasslands. The stones, the grass, the trees, the sand, the earth are all from the cradle that held the birth of humankind, precious with history and myth. South Africa, Johannesburg, itself has had a very troubled history that we are all aware of, but experiencing the attempts to move ahead was encouraging and troubling at the same time. With land reform almost non-existent, some objects used in the work are from the Afrikaner house I was staying in. This work is perhaps my attempt to come to terms with my distant yet intimate connection with the location.”

  • ABOUT Atul Bhalla

    A conceptual artist working with environmental issues, Atul Bhalla’s focus has been particularly on water, for more than two decades. His work ‘Yamuna Walk’ was part of the exhibition ‘Walk On: From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff - 40 years of art-walking’ at MAC Birmingham. He has also participated in the Yamuna Elbe Project, a project about two rivers - Elbe in Hamburg and the Yamuna in Delhi in 2011-12.

    Primarily using photography, Bhalla explores histories and meanings of sites of everyday living, building narratives through performance and often using text as well. The artist lives and works in New Delhi.

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