Dwarapalakas (Pair) - 01

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Material: Polychrome Wood
Size: 15" (H) x 5" (W)
Condition: Good condition with slight loss of colour


Dwarapalakas, or door guardians, traditionally appear in pairs in Hindu architecture, outside the temple door or/and the sanctum, as gatekeepers or guardians of the deity. The guardians are fearsome warriors or giants, often seen holding a mace.

In ancient times, door guardians were carved in both male and female forms. The Dwarapalakas (male forms), were meant to guard Shiva or Vishnu temples and the Dwarapalikas (female forms) guarded Durga temples or temples of other female deities.

Made of wood, this pair of dwarapalakas are most likely from Maharashtra/Gujarat. Intricately detailed and polychromatic, the pieces are in good condition with slight discolouration.