by Varsha Patra
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Medium: Pen and Ink on Art Paper
Size: 21.5 x 15 inches


This artwork is part of the ‘Posed’ series by Varsha Patra. Varsha has always been fascinated by beautiful fowls – their distinctive patterns and unique feather coats intrigue her. In this series of artworks, she depicts fowls in all their enchanting grace with breathtaking detail, showcasing the amazing symmetry of spots and patterns that give each bird a distinct personality.
  • ABOUT Varsha Patra

    Varsha Patra is a pen and ink artist based in Hyderabad, India. Her works portray a sense of lyrical line work, linear Abstractism, and on a few occasions, appear eccentric in their characterization. Varsha narrates stories that wander through her mind, combining folk motifs, patterns from nature, variable forms and crafting skills, with the illusion of geometry, space and a sense of motion that bring her artworks to life.

    After studying textile design at the National Institute of Design, India, Varsha Patra devoted 15 years to developing unique textile products, techniques and installations, during which she was recognised as the 'Youngest Designer of the Year' and presented the 'Youngest Entrepreneurship Award' by global body EDIDA.

    Following this, Varsha started exploring ink pen as a medium to express the finer details that she always wanted to include in her works. Teaching herself different techniques and applications, Varsha took this passion forward, telling inspiring stories through her art. She enjoys how the monotone of pen ink stands out in a sea of colours. Varsha seeks perfection in her art, which demands enormous patience. There is no room for the tiniest error, requiring Varsha to have a certain level of focus and skill. She often dedicates 300-400 hours on a single piece of work.

    Varsha Patra’s artworks have been displayed in solo as well as group exhibitions in various parts of India, like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. She was also a part of the International Design & Art Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 2018. Varsha’s works have been routinely featured in various design publications, including Architectural Digest India.

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