Anantashayana Gilded Panel

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Size: 24 x 1.5 x 9 inches
Material: Gilded Wood
Origin: Kerala


This striking, carved, wooden gilded panel of Anantashayana (reclining on Ananta) is from Kerala. Anantashayana is an aspect of Vishnu, reclining on the coils of the serpent Ananta, whose hoods provide a protective canopy. Ananta represents the three cosmic functions of creator, preserver and destroyer. Creation begins the moment Vishnu emerges from his yogic sleep, when a lotus stalk sprouts from his naval revealing in its flower Brahma, the creator of the new world. On the far right of the panel are Jaya and Vijaya, the two gatekeepers or dwarapalakas of the abode of Vishnu. At Vishnu’s feet sits the Goddess Lakshmi, and in the centre is the Goddess of the earth Bhoodevi. On the left is Prahlada (bowing with folded hands) an asura king, who is known for his devotion towards Vishnu. Beside him is one of the great sages Narada, who is unusually depicted playing a violin, and on the far left is another dwarapalaka.