About the Collection


There has been a long tradition of metalwork oil lamps in India, for the practical and utilitarian use of creating light, as well as their use in worship and rituals. This has meant that a wide range of styles were developed in different parts of India over time, with lamps being created in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat amongst other regions by exceptionally skilled craftsmen.
As celebrated historian and author of the 1997 book “Silver, Gold and Bronze from Mughal India”, Mark Zebrowski said, “Metal has always been to India, what ceramics has been to China,”. Our curated collection of ritual lamps, crafted in brass, bronze and other metals, is a fine example of the craftsmanship and detailing in Indian metalwork. The lamps and deepalakshmis in various designs, styles and aesthetics, reflect the history of their time and region, each a beautiful blend of function, form and aesthetics.

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