Ganapati Hegde

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Contemporary artist Ganapati Hegde's artworks portray the rapturously green and radiant landscape of coastal Karnataka, where he grew up. Teeming with indigenous plants, flowers, birds, animals and insects, his paintings depict half-real, half-imagined worlds, layered with fantastical and unexpected elements. Hegde’s otherworldly jungle is peopled by nature’s assorted denizens, from caterpillars and chameleons to monkeys, butterflies and squirrels, along with a profusion of foliage painted in bright blues, reds, greens and lavenders. There is an undercurrent of fable-like storytelling that enlivens each work, compelling a viewer to unravel its varied perspectives.

With an obvious affinity for flora and fauna, Ganapati Hegde weaves natural elements together into ecstatic collages, formed by the playful juxtaposition of elements to create a bigger entity. In some works, the entities are reminiscent of various Indian gods and goddesses in a symbolic representation. In others, an animal might take centre stage in the visual allegory. The stance and attitude of the animal usually reflects human behaviour in a metaphorical manner.

Ganapati Hegde has a Diploma in Art from the Ken School of Art, Bachelor of Art from Karnataka University and Master’s in Fine Arts (External) from Bengaluru Open University. He has won many awards throughout his career, including the 52nd National Award from Lalit Kala Academy and Camlin National Award from Camlin Art Foundation.


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