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Contemporary artist Ganapati Hegde's artworks portray the rapturously green and radiant landscape of coastal Karnataka, where he grew up. Teeming with indigenous plants, flowers, birds, animals and insects, his ecstatic collage-like paintings depict half-real, half-imagined worlds, layered with fantastical and unexpected elements. Never distracting from the innate strengths of each element in nature, Ganapati arranges them into wonderfully balanced compositions. The artist’s gaze is rooted deeply to the earth. Yet, he adapts a unique stance, revealing a completely new avatar of nature. There is an undercurrent of fable-like storytelling that enlivens each work of art by him, compelling a viewer to unravel its varied perspectives, and the disguised wonders hidden within. Clusters of multi-hued vegetation contain a diversity of creatures, seamlessly integrating into their natural abode. They often appear to be camouflaged, reiterating their oneness with their surroundings. The colour palette used by Ganapati Hegde is rich in Indian ethos – luminescent and filled with colour gradations and symbolic references.
Disguised Wonders is a solo exhibition of paintings by Ganapati Hegde, celebrating the marvel of Mother Nature. Two series of works are presented in the show. In the ‘Gods in Nature’ series, collages are formed by the playful juxtaposition of forms, to create a bigger shape or entity, depicting Indian gods and goddesses in symbolic representations. A tomato denotes Lord Hanuman’s lips, tiny leaves turn into Krishna’s eyes, and a large lotus leaf represents Lord Ganesha’s stomach. The series reminds the viewer, that God resides in nature. In the second series, ‘Life in Nature’, Ganapati celebrates the intricate and deep connection of one form of life with another, and how their dependence on each other for survival, is like a seamless unbounded expanse.
Every artwork by Ganapati Hegde not only unveils the extravagance of nature, but also reminds us that if left undisturbed by humans, nature has infinite ways to fascinate and mesmerise.

Celebrating Balance in Nature

In Ganapati Hegde's artworks, each element of nature has a distinct role to play. Building the canvas like a collage, he carefully composes his paintings, balancing the different components so that they harmoniously coexist. The brilliance of his creations is that one is never distracted from the complete view, while simultaneously being drawn to pay attention to every detail.

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