About the Show


Henry Thoreau said – “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
There are numerous ways to view everything around us - our connections, surroundings, situations. It is perspective that shapes our attitude towards every aspect of our life. Points and Perspectives is a thought-nurturing exhibition of pen and ink artworks by Ashu Gupta, exploring the notion of differing perspectives. Just like different pens create different points on paper, all of us behave, emote, and respond differently to the world around us. From the memories we carry in our hearts, to our personal definition of success; from how we treat the less fortunate, to how present we are in our everyday lives – all of it is a matter of individual perspective. And as humanity lives through these unprecedented times, positive perspective has become more important than ever before.
Ashu Gupta explores this nuanced thought with three distinct series: Drishti – The Eye Series, Maati – The Human Connect and Nishabdh – The Silent Objects. Playing with memories, geometry, symmetry and objects, the artworks are painstakingly created using hundreds of thousands of repeating points, circles, and patterns. The artist has not limited herself to one medium, experimenting with canvas, paper, and ceramic. Each work in the exhibition compels the viewer to reflect on how we view the world, compose our thoughts, form our opinions, or behave in any situation. Through her unique aesthetic language, Ashu probes us to point a gaze within ourselves, and challenge our perspective.
Ashu Gupta is an emerging and highly promising artist who uses mesmerizing scribbles, circles and lines, to create highly detailed and spectacular artworks that hold the viewer’s gaze. A self-taught artist with a degree in interior design, her deeply layered, mostly black and white compositions offer the possibility of a new interpretation with every glance. Ashu has participated in several group exhibitions around India, and her works have been picked up by art collectors. Ashu has also been nominated for the prestigious Lalith Kala Academy Awards (2016-17 and 2017-18) and the 2017 Bombay Art Society Awards.

Listen to our co-founder Lisa Jain, explain the concept behind 'Points and Perspectives'

Drishti: The Eye Series

It is said that our vision paves the way for our thoughts. 'Drishti' (eyesight) is a series of artworks which celebrates and brings to life people, moments, memories or objects, that we otherwise assign little importance to. How we perceive these visuals in our sub-conscience, plays a role in shaping our thoughts and actions. The circular artworks, which can be rotated and viewed from different angles, compel us to have a wider perspective, and rekindle our senses to appreciate the simpler joys of life.

Maati: The Human Connect

This series of artworks is a depiction of human emotions, highlighting the humble ‘matki’ (earthen pots made of maati or mud), as the hero. Humans and the matki, both eventually return to Mother Earth at the end of their lives. Drawing parallels between ‘us’ and the matki, the artist has portrayed different facets of human life such as society, behaviour, feelings and attitude, while also emphasizing simplicity and minimalism - the most enduring qualities in humans as well as the matki.

Nishabdh: The Silent Objects

Etched on paper from old history text books in Hindi, the artworks in the ‘Nishabdh’ (no words) series depict the silent objects in our lives which have slipped into oblivion, much like our pride in our own history, culture and identity. As we lead our busy lives, how often do we pause to value that comfortable pillow, a cup of tea or our worn-in slippers? Today, when we all have more time to ourselves, we must appreciate those things which have gone unnoticed or been lost along the way.

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