10 Indian Artists to Look Out For in 2018

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The Indian art scene is an exciting and vibrant space, buzzing with artists that are going places with their talent, ideas, technique and creative prowess. On one hand, there are established artists who have carved a niche for themselves, and who continue to evolve and grow each year. And then there are the emerging artists, who are making their presence felt with their own distinct styles. Here’s our curator’s pick of ten Indian artists you should look out for in 2018 (listed in alphabetical order).

Artisera's pick of 10 Indian artists to look out for in 2018


Known for his choice of rich colours and skilled use of texture, Anand Panchal is an artist who has made a mark with his soulful paintings. After portraying the simplicity and innocence of village children and women in his trademark style for many years, Panchal’s 2017 series portrays the artist’s unique interpretation of the Dashavatara, or ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The series of captivating portraits feature powerful subjects at the fore, layered on folk-art inspired sketches of characters from the great Hindu epics.

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Ashu Gupta’s intricate and enchanting pen-and-ink sketches are large scale doodles that speak volumes in mostly black and white. An emerging artist, she’s carving out a niche for herself with her serene, nature-inspired works. Rich in detail, her exquisite artworks compel you to take a closer look at the innumerable dots, scribbles and lines, and marvel at the compositions!

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The much-adored artist Bakula Nayak’s endearing artworks, will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart! Her charming mixed media paintings are made on vintage paper, which she has been collecting for a long time. Populated with funny, delightful and eccentric characters such as birds, cats, fish and other animals, each work of art narrates a personal yet entirely relatable story from the artist’s life, offering a glimpse into her whimsical imagination.

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Pune based artist Dinkar Jadhav is known for his powerful depictions of horses and bulls, revelling in the spirit of freedom, love and passion. Of the belief that abstraction is creativity, Jadhav’s artworks display patches of colour in blocks, geometrical forms and crisp angles. His captivating works are rendered in almost-transparent washes of paint that give his works a layered, textured feel.

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Urban cityscapes come alive in brilliant strokes of colour, in highly respected and acclaimed artist Gurudas Shenoy’s abstract canvasses. A delightful storyteller, Shenoy captures the unique character of the different cities he’s visited, in his works. Known for his skill across mediums, from 3D murals to oils and watercolours, Shenoy’s most recent works are made using oil-paints in a distinct method to create a light, yet layered, watercolour effect on canvas.

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Naina Maithani Kulkarni is an emerging artist whose abstract paintings are depictions of her memories, of places that have left an indelible mark on her. From her days in the mountains of Dehradun, where she grew up, to her travels across Vietnam, where she found her calling as an artist, poignant moments are recorded in her richly textured acrylic canvasses that read like an abstract travelogue.

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Praveen Kumar is a Bangalore based artist whose unusual cityscapes are still and meditative, composed of enigmatic architectural forms that are characters in their own right. Using a mix of mediums, Praveen depicts urban landscapes in geometric configurations that are rich in colour and movements. The artist presents modern cities with their own sighs, noises and chatter, as a metaphor for the human condition!

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Roy K. John is an acclaimed artist from Kerala, whose intricate artworks are a blend of traditional rural techniques with a contemporary style. Known for his distinct and pleasant nature inspired paintings, he frequently depicts richly detailed lotus ponds in fresh, energetic colours that are soothing to the eye. Also a renowned muralist, Roy K. John’s exquisite Kerala-style murals feature reinterpretations of Hindu deities and traditional Indian iconography.

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Acclaimed artist Sangeeta Abhay is best known for her serene depictions of Lord Buddha. Her artworks radiate a luminescence that inspires inner peace and stillness. Symbolizing her deep connection with The Enlightened One, her works of art have earned her praise from His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself, and also from noted lyricist and Grammy award winner, Gulzar.

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Vinita Dasgupta’s striking artworks are a skilful blend of Pop and Folk Art, that have helped her make a name for herself in India and internationally. She is known for her unique and incredibly complex style, in which she sticks pieces of painted and rolled canvas on her artworks, giving them a 3 dimensional look. Vinita’s works are an ode to ‘Storytellers’ from across cultures who have inspired her.

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