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The skyline of every iconic city in the world is defined by the outline of the buildings that populate it. For Bangalore based artist Praveen Kumar, those buildings are not just about the elements that make up its construct. He looks beyond the bricks, mortar, cement, and iron rods, to identify the character of the buildings that define our cities, our urban jungles. City: Mood and Metaphors is a solo exhibition featuring paintings and drawings by Praveen Kumar, that celebrate this character in the artist’s unique language.
Born into a family of goldsmiths in Mangalore, Praveen always harbored the dream of becoming an artist. He moved to Bangalore and worked for several years in an architecture firm, before completing his MVA (Painting) from Jain University and becoming a full-time visual artist.
Praveen manages to create impact in large scale canvasses and small-format watercolours with equal ease, capturing the many moods and vibes of the bustling city in his artworks. While he enjoys playing with vibrant shades, he also creates works with softer hues and in black and white, dabbling in the two ends of the colour spectrum with a quiet confidence. For Praveen Kumar, cities, with their own sighs, noise, chaos, and chatter, are metaphors for the human condition. But in his artworks, he chooses to focus on their stillness, with an almost meditative stance.

Mastery Over Technique

Praveen Kumar’s cityscapes are created using a variety of materials and tools, such as acrylic, watercolours, pen and ink, hand cut paper, brass wire and more. They act as mediums to help him express his own interpretations of a city’s dynamic skyline.

An Architectural Mind

Praveen’s artworks feature geometric configurations and perspective laden interpretations, that are direct influences from his years of training at an architecture firm, where he built 3D models and renders of buildings. He uses that earlier experience to create dynamic cityscapes, reminiscent of skylines we see all around us.

The Artist Speaks

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