Shri Tripur Saunhar

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Artist: B.R. Kumbhar
Year: 1934
Medium: Oleograph
Size: 31.5 x 23.75 inches (Framed)
Signature: Bottom Left


This is an oleograph of “Tripur Saunhar” (Tripurantakamurti) by the artist B.R. Kumbhar from 1934. This striking image depicts Shiva in the act of destroying the three fortresses of the Asuras. According to legend, Brahma gifted an aerial city to the three sons of the asura Taraka. They became very proud and harassed the gods, who approached Shiva for help. The three cities revolved in the skies and would only occasionally converge. The way to destroy them was to wait for this moment and hit them with a single arrow. This is the moment depicted in the image with Shiva riding on a magical chariot,  raising his bow and arrow to shoot them down. The chariot is driven by the God Brahma, and Nandi stands in the left corner of the image.
  • ABOUT Oleographs

    Oleographs, also called chromolithographs, are multi-colour art prints, stemming from the process of lithography. Pioneered in the 1830s, the process of producing oleographs came into wide commercial use in the 1860s. The technique relied on using several woodblocks or stones with colours for printing, while hand-colouring remained an important aspect as well. Depending on the number of colours present, an oleograph could take months to produce by very skilled workers. Poor preservation and cheaper printing alternatives have made oleographs hard to find. Today, they are mainly used as fine art.

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