Green Palm (Rajgir)

by Indra Dugar
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Medium: Watercolour on Paper
Size: 17.5 x 10 inches
  • ABOUT Indra Dugar

    Indra Dugar was born in 1918 in Jiaganj, West Bengal. Although he was the son of highly eminent artist Hirachand Dugar, Indra Dugar did not have any formal education in art. Instead, he learnt artistic techniques and practices from his father. During his schooling days in Santiniketan, he soaked in the ambience of Kala Bhavan, and was influenced by the Neo-Bengal School of Art. He considered Nandalal Bose a huge inspiration.

    Due to the absence of academic training, Indra Dugar developed a distinct style of his own, which differentiated him from other artists at Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan. Quickly outgrowing the mannerisms of the Bengal School, he took to painting natural landscapes and architectural forms on the spot, when he visited them. A harmony of colours always existed in his works, even when he did not intricately show every detail of the scene or surroundings he painted. Indra Dugar also created several decorative motifs for Congress annual sessions in different cities, and worked as a children’s book illustrator. Also a writer, he wrote for reputed publications such as Anand Bazar Patrika. Awarded by several institutions, Dugar was a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta and All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society in New Delhi. Indra Dugar passed away in 1989.

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