Fables in Frames

by Rakhee Shenoy
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Size: 41 x 32 inches
Medium: Mixed Media and Hand Embroidery on Archival Canvas
Year: 2023


Amidst the seemingly commonplace objects lies a profound revelation - an exploration of the intricate marvels that often go unnoticed. Each element, carefully arranged, becomes a gateway to a universe where the senses awaken to the splendour of existence.
  • ABOUT Rakhee Shenoy

    Born in 1994, Rakhee Shenoy is a textile artist weaving together a rich tapestry of multidisciplinary skills, artistic expression, and a deep commitment to ethical textile practices. With a dynamic background, Rakhee harnesses her expertise to create innovative textile forward mixed media works that push the boundaries of creativity.

    Central to Rakhee's artistic ethos is her dedication towards creating a unique visual language. Rakhee's artistry thrives on the fusion of unique mixed media techniques, including handloom weaving, hand embroidery, painting, and digital drawing. The MFA programme at the Royal College of Art, London and undergraduate programme at Srishti MAHE, Bangalore has strongly influenced her ability to seamlessly combine diverse approaches and materials, resulting in artworks that are not only visually captivating but also conceptually profound. Her creations become a canvas for storytelling as she weaves narratives of human connection into each fabric.

    Rakhee’s work has been showcased on various international stages. Notably, her work exhibited at the prestigious Z33 Museum in Belgium, Unit 1 Gallery London in collaboration with Sanne Vaassen, London Craft Week in 2022, Hackney Gallery London, and Royal College of Art 2020 show at The Bargehouse London, have garnered attention and acclaim. She has also participated in important group shows in India. Her participation in global art shows has led her work to be published in international publications.

    Rakhee's collaboration with internationally renowned luxury brands like Aranyani, Vaya Home and Himatsingka Seide, as well as her freelance projects in the UK for GP & J Baker, Rare Thread, Zoffany and many more, showcase her ability to infuse opulence with her unique textile sensibilities. Through her collaborations with artisans and mills, she not only champions traditional craftsmanship but also strives to create a positive impact on local communities. Her work serves as a bridge between heritage techniques and contemporary artistry. In addition to her art and design ventures, she is also a Guest faculty at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore.

    Through her work, Rakhee Shenoy opens portals to new dimensions, inviting viewers to explore the depths of textiles as a form of expression, connection, and transcendence. The artist lives and works in her studio in Bangalore, India.



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