Abdul-Kareem, Nigeria/Jaipur

by Mahesh Shantaram
(inclusive of taxes)


Size: 18 x 24 inches
Medium: Archival Pigment Print


This photograph is part of a series titled ‘The African Portraits’ by acclaimed photographer Mahesh Shantaram. Moved by the mob attack on a young Tanzanian girl in Bangalore in January 2016, and in an attempt to bring the stories and plight of Africans living in India to the conscious attention of the larger Indian public, acclaimed photographer Mahesh Shantaram set out on an intimate photographic journey.

‘The African Portraits’ forces viewers to look beyond stereotypes and provides much needed acknowledgement to the racism faced by Africans in India. Emotionally resonant, each photograph in the series draws attention to the humanity and individual uniqueness of his subjects, often overshadowed by the ignorance and fear towards them.

The portraits, mostly shot at night, reflect the photographer’s adeptness at capturing profound stillness and intimacy. Each photograph in the series is taken after Shantaram has spent considerable time with the subjects, truly capturing their emotions and reality.

The project has taken Shantaram across the country, to Bangalore, Delhi, Manipal and Jaipur. The portraits in the series capture, in particular, the lives of African students in India, a group Shantaram chose to focus upon for its small number and high vulnerability in a society that holds deep prejudice against them.

(A print size of 30 x 40 inches is also available. Please contact us for more information). 

  • ABOUT Mahesh Shantaram

    A photographer of urban reality, Mahesh Shantaram first completed a degree in Computer Electronics, before deciding to pursue his real passion. He then did a diploma in photography in Paris and returned to India in 2006, where he explores his interest in social systems, institutions and contemporary society, through his art.

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