- Inspired Collections -

Inspiration is everywhere. In art movements and design styles, mythological characters and people of the world, different places and colour palettes. Our thoughtfully curated collections inspired by different things, help you discover our extensive range more easily. From modern to traditional, ostentatious to minimal, these ‘Inspired Collections’ showcase something for everyone.

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    Sacred Ritual Objects

    Vehicles through which the divine can be accessed, this curated range of old ritual objects from Kerala, including lamps, bells and diya stands, allows for faith to be truly celebrated.

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    Interpretations of Lord Ganesha

    A selection of limited edition serigraphs and prints by highly eminent artists including M.F. Husain, Jyoti Bhatt, Thota Vaikuntam and more - each a masterpiece worth investing in!

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    Stylish Barware for Special Parties

    Eye-catching and stylish, our barware range including wine glasses, decanters, whiskey glasses, champagne flutes and ice buckets will be the conversation starter at every party!

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    Statements in Silver

    Handcrafted using teakwood and pure silver, these exquisite showpieces can accentuate any space. From religious figures to animal to mythological symbols, each piece is impeccably detailed.

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    Exquisite Pichwai Paintings

    Celebrating a 400-year-old tradition from Rajasthan, these beautiful pichwais depict Lord Krishna and motifs associated with him such as cows, peacocks, lotuses and gopis.

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    A Royal Dining Experience

    Delicate designs inspired by India's history, complement the finest porcelain and 24k gold and platinum accents in our luxurious tableware collection, creating a dining experience fit for royalty!

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    Reverse Glass Paintings

    A lesser known genre of Indian art that came to India from Europe via China in 18th century, this exclusive collection of original reverse glass paintings is a collector's delight!

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    Eye Catching Decor Accents

    Statement decor accents to accentuate any space and bring in the final touches that define the character of a home.