Vinod Sharma


Born in 1953, Vinod Sharma is known for his dramatic abstract landscapes, which he has been creating for over 40 years. He completed his BFA from the College of Arts, New Delhi in 1976 and MFA from M.S University, Baroda in 1978. One sees the riveting shades and shadows of the sky and the earth in his sublime oil paintings, filled with spectacular colours that come alive on his canvas. Vinod Sharma has a deep understanding of the soil, of terrains, of land itself. His depictions of the land encompass the visible and the invisible, the told and the untold. While he takes inspiration from the places he visits, Sharma’s colours and compositions are products of his imagination. His work is an invitation to enter a new dimension, where reality and imagination coexist. Mountains, boulders, endless plains, rivers and rocks make an appearance in Vinod Sharma’s magnificent landscapes that are mostly devoid of figures, vegetation or any signs of life existing within. There is a quietness in his works that evoke a graphic quality, with the textures, colours, and depth speaking volumes to the viewer. Having travelled all over the world, his paintings have the unique quality of resonating universally, as they speak about the beauty of the natural world. Vinod Sharma touches upon the connection between man and nature through his paintings, where the elements of earth, water, and even the invisible air, are all present.

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