About the Show


Madhuri Kathe is not just a painter; she is a thinker, scholar, voracious reader, and spiritual philosopher. For her, figurative art is like a body, and abstract art like the soul. The journey of every human begins in the body, and then we spend a lifetime trying to come closer to our true being – our soul. And in her lifetime, Madhuri too, has been on a journey of exploration, growth, and evolution, to come closer to the divine abstraction, now seen in her work.
Nirakar is a series of artworks by Madhuri Kathe that explore the idea of divine formlessness. “Nir” means without, and “akar” means form. Nirakar, literally then, means without form, or formless. In her delicate abstract creations, Madhuri explores this idea both at a literal and spiritual level.
Her works are dominated by muted colours and a soft palette that create a meditative, Zen feeling. Textures, formed with the use of varied materials, play with her conscious choice of colours, to create a certain lightness and sense of wonder on the canvas. Her travels, reading, meditation, and fondness for Indian classical music are all influences, evident in both the process and the final outcome of her work, which exude serenity and calmness.

Play of Texture and Colour

Madhuri Kathe’s mother was a tailor, and so her childhood was spent surrounded by cloth. There developed an attachment, and her love for using surgical gauze in her current work is inspired by those memories. Madhuri also uses other materials such as paper, which she occasionally burns, dyed fabric and acrylic colours, creating a harmonious balance with them all, on her canvas.

The Artist Speaks