About The Exhibition


730 (Seven Hundred and Thirty) encompasses a body of work by Gurudas Shenoy, created during the two unforgettable years, or 730 days, since March 2020. For an artist who loves to travel, continuously being at home led to some shifts in Shenoy’s practice. Besides painting his signature landscapes and cityscapes, he began experimenting with other subjects. Routine objects and spiritually inspired paintings are seen for the first time, along with more abstraction seeping into his practice. 730 is an amalgamation of artworks from different series, created during a time when Gurudas Shenoy continued to travel to different places on his canvas, from the safety of the studio above his home.
Landscapes and cityscapes are subjects that have inspired many an artist over the years. But what is distinct about Gurudas Shenoy’s interpretation, is the way he reimagines what he sees, steering away from overtly obvious depictions and challenging the notions of form. While his landscapes depict a strong understanding of, and love for nature, Shenoy’s cityscapes are open to interpretation, inviting the viewer to travel the world in their own minds, imagining cities from their own bank of memories. The addition of new subjects in his oeuvre, such as spiritual terrains and still life, only adds to the depth of range exhibited by the artist. His ability to use strong colours without losing the balance of his nuanced compositions, is exciting to observe, as is his recent inclination to move towards more and more abstraction in his work.
In the words of noted art historian and curator Lina Vincent, “730 brings together varied experiences of Shenoy’s repertoire; the painting surfaces becoming a meeting point between real and the abstract. The canvases seem to speak, spontaneously, when Shenoy’s brush comes in contact with them.”

The Artist Speaks

My art is not a literal documentation of any place. When I travel, I store the memories of those places in my mind. And back in my studio, I reimagine those places in my own way. I go beyond what the eyes see, and travel inside my canvas, creating my own landscapes and my own cities.

- Gurudas Shenoy

A Mastery of Medium

Gurudas Shenoy’s medium of choice is oil, which is an extremely difficult medium to work with. Every layer of paint has to dry completely before the next layer can be applied, and hence, working with oil requires immense patience and skill.

  • Shenoy’s paintings start off as complete charcoal drawings. A play of light, lines and textures are then skillfully used to achieve abstraction.

  • The artworks, while made using oil, exude a watercolour-like lightness, with the brilliant colours beautifully complementing the compositions.

I grew up in Udupi, next to the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. It was so beautiful to be surrounded by nature. I used to swim in the sea, witness the sunsets and enjoy those lush monsoons. Because of these experiences, I really understand the anatomy of nature. I see magic in the smallest elements of nature, and that is something that reflects in my paintings.

- Gurudas Shenoy

Varied Subjects and Inspiration


The exhibition features artworks from five distinct series. The signature Europe Studio and Hampi Landscape series have been part of Gurudas Shenoy’s oeuvre for many years, celebrating his love for cityscapes and landscapes respectively. In recent times, more abstraction has seeped into the artist’s practice, as seen in his Reminiscence and Resurgence series of works. In the last two years, the artist has developed a new series inspired by his travels to temple towns and mountain terrains in the Himalayas, titled Spiritual Odyssey. Lastly, the impact of being stuck at home, surrounded by routine objects, while longing to be outdoors during the pandemic, has also found place on Shenoy’s canvas through the newly developed Confined Stories series.

Artist Profile


Born in 1965 in the small coastal town of Udupi in Karnataka, Gurudas Shenoy is an acclaimed artist with over three decades of art practice behind him that includes drawings, paintings, murals, and installations. He completed his BFA (Painting) from the prestigious Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda in 1988. Having been born to senior artist G.S. Shenoy, he lived and breathed art since the day he was born and developed a passion for the colours of nature at an early age. M.F. Husain was a mentor and has hugely inspired Gurudas Shenoy's journey as an artist.
His love for nature and its brilliant hues, and cities with their vibrancy and multitude of stories, reflects in his art. Gurudas Shenoy’s inimitable style shines through with a dextrous use of colours, lines, light, and textures. His paintings are reflections of memories from his travels, as he deftly captures the essence of a place using his distinct visual vocabulary.
Gurudas Shenoy has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in over 200 group shows at leading art galleries. Several of Gurudas Shenoy’s murals and installations feature prominently in various corporate centres. He is also passionate about supporting young artists through his foundation. The artist lives and works in Bangalore.