About The Exhibition


Dialogues is a series of 12 artworks by Ashu Gupta, depicting a range of emotions, ideas, inner thoughts, and feelings. The contemporary artist chooses different subjects – from herself to couples sharing their lives, from children to an elderly person – delving into their consciousness and bringing to life their internal dialogues. Using breathtaking detailing in her work, Ashu uses the intricacy of her chosen techniques to make a poignant statement about the complexity of human thought, dreams, and desires that are often left unspoken.
Ashu’s artistic practice is an exercise in introspection. While the visual artist has always used her meditative art-making process to explore the nature of the human mind, “Dialogues” is an overt comment on our relationship with our deepest, unspoken thoughts. While every element of Ashu’s work offers a wealth of detail; the beauty lies in the way it ties together, eclectic but unified in a singular tableau that contains all the movement, life, and urgency of any single moment in time. Like the intricate patterns that characterise her work, her ideology as an artist digs right into the fabric of the human condition. In so doing, she achieves the rare feat of turning the deeply personal experiences of her protagonists into a universal narrative.