The Disciples

by Jehangir Sabavala
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Medium: Serigraph on Paper
Size: 24 x 17.5 inches
Year: 2007
Provenance: Signed by the artist
Edition: Edition of 125
  • ABOUT Jehangir Sabavala

    One of India’s most acclaimed artists from the 20th century, Jehangir Sabavala was born to an affluent Parsi aristocratic family in Mumbai in 1922. He was trained at some of the best art colleges in the world including the Sir J.J. School of Art in India, the Heatherley School of Art in London, and at the Academie Andre Lhote, the Academie Julian, and the Academic de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris.

    A classically-influenced Modernist painter, known for his cubist aesthetic and his preference for muted colours, Jehangir Sabavala frequently painted landscapes, figures and cityscapes. His oil-on-canvas artworks, painted in a distinct style are layered and deep, with rich textures and geometric shapes that together become scenes that are calming and serene.

    Sabavala’s career started with a solo show at a hotel room at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai (which M.F. Husain assisted in putting up), and spanned across 60 years. He took part in over 30 solo shows in his career, both national and international, and was honoured with the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1977, and the Lalit Kala Ratna in 2007. His artwork titled Casuarina Line, fetched Rs. 1.7 crores at a 2010 SaffronArt auction. Jehangir Sabavala was also known for his remarkable sense of style and elegance. He passed away in 2011.

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  • ABOUT Limited Edition Prints

    Limited Edition Prints are a series of identical prints of an artwork, commissioned by the artist. Restricted to a one-time printing of a certain number of pieces, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, establishing its’ authenticity.

    Because the number of prints is limited, signed prints of acclaimed artists hold value, and can be investment-worthy, just like original works of art. Christie’s and Sotheby’s – the world’s two most renowned auction houses – hold auctions exclusively for prints. A Pablo Picasso print sold for US$1.7 million in 2010!

    There are different techniques in printmaking, including offset printing, digital printing, giclée, lithography and serigraphy. Serigraphy, or silk screen printing is considered one of the most sophisticated techniques. In this process, thick, opaque colours are passed through the screen, creating prints with vibrant colours and beautiful textures, that make the artwork look like a painting.

    Works by any artist are limited, and prints are a fantastic way for acclaimed artists, to make their art available to a larger number of people. This makes limited edition prints popular amongst new art buyers as well as seasoned art collectors.

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