Marriage Procession 03

by Siddharth Shingade
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Size: 50 x 50 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2022
  • ABOUT Siddharth Shingade

    Born in 1983, Siddharth Shingade is a Maharashtra based artist who believes that the human figure is God’s biggest gift to artistry. The protagonists on his canvas are usually peasants, herdsmen, and women, who toil under the hot sun in dust laden fields. He portrays these ordinary men and women in their moments of rest, reflection, and respite. Endearing scenes and objects find place on Shingade’s canvases - wooden toys in a basket, the tired peasant playing music to sooth his aching muscles, a woman tending to her daughter and goat alike. Shingade’s narratives emanate from the depths of his own life and experiences.

    In his early works, Siddharth Shingade used a colour palette inspired by the very subjects he painted. Earthy colours like olive, orange, and brown dominated the canvas, and the simplicity of the lives of his figures was complimented by the elaborate detailing on their clothes with motifs and patterns – perhaps a dream of what they hoped to become. Their insignificance to society was symbolized by no lips and blackened eyes. Somewhere, the artist’s work spoke of his own struggles. But over the years, as his environment and circumstances changed, so did the characters and colors on his canvas. Shingade began experimenting with brighter colors and found that he enjoyed using them immensely. Previously closed eyes were now shown open, and lips started to appear on figures. Objects also found their way into his canvas, which became richer with motifs and embellishments beyond the ambit of the farmer.

    The other major shift in Shingade’s work has been the introduction of landscapes, mainly in the form of trees. In many of his works, the tree takes centerstage through different compositions and media.

    Besides figures and landscapes, mythology is a subject close to Siddharth Shingade’s heart. From the very beginning, he painted Buddha frequently, along with various Hindu gods. The inclusion of figures from mythology is completely involuntary, and not based on any religious beliefs. His most recent series focuses on the legend of the Govardhan Mountain, when Lord Krishna turned savior for the people. Inspired by miniature painting techniques, the artworks in this series are elaborately detailed stories with breathtaking attention to detail.

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