The Saffron Sea

by Vinita Karim
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Size: 48 x 55 inches
Medium: Acrylic, Embroidery and Gold on Canvas
Year: 2020
  • ABOUT Vinita Karim

    Born in 1962 in Rangoon (now Yangon), Myanmar, international artist Vinita Karim is a global nomad of Indian descent and Swedish nationality. Her varied experiences in different cultural settings translate into her art, which encompasses paintings, sculptures and installations. Vinita defines her artistic persona in terms of her diasporic identity. She carries with her the forts of Malta, the sand dunes of the Sahara, the city of Dhaka, a boat, the Mediterranean Sea, and so on – all of which seep into her vibrant, evocative art. Vinita’s travels have deeply influenced her work, which is a unique blend of east and west, north and south, and traditional and modern, combining them into surprising possibilities.

    The unique combination of elements from various painting traditions enlivens Vinita’s paintings, nudging her to muse on her role within the global village. The interlinking of numerous nationalities and identities becomes a celebration of human achievement, inclusivity and cultural diversity. Each painting is a grand adventure for the artist. Vinita uses various materials like oil and acrylic paint, gold leaf, and print patterns from kalamkari wooden blocks, in her art. On canvas, she primarily uses abstraction as the vantage point for her exploration.

    Vinita Karim completed her Diploma in Fine Arts from the Gerlesborg Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. She also did her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Stockholm, Sweden, and further completed her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Philippines. Vinita has held more than 20 solo shows around the world. She currently resides between Dhaka and Delhi.
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