Lotus Pond

by Paresh Hazra
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Size: 36 x 36 inches
Medium: Old Egg Tempera on Canvas Board
Year: 2012
  • ABOUT Paresh Hazra

    Born in 1952 in Tamluk, Midnapur district, West Bengal, Paresh Hazra is an eminent Indian artist, most recognized for his mythologically inspired paintings. He graduated from Government Art College, Calcutta (First Class) and also completed a Postgraduate degree in 1980. As a child, Hazra used to dream about being chased, as he ran frantically to escape the clutches of an unknown force. Suddenly, he would spread his wings and fly into the blue sky. Such dreams sowed the seeds of imagination in his mind, and he began painting from a very young age.

    Paresh Hazra is a storyteller who celebrates the age-old traditions of India in his works. His paintings are reminiscent of the attributes of old Indian artists, whether it is the intricacy of detail or the lavish use of textures. He prefers colours made from natural ingredients, using egg tempera instead of oils, and adding a bit of jute or gauze occasionally, to add another dimension to his work. There is a certain theatrical quality to his work, achieved by applying techniques masterfully in a way that lend an uneven look to the characters inhabiting the paintings. The people always look as if they have their faces to the audience, even when it is not the case. The expressions and movements are a bit disjointed, making the figures resemble puppets, as if being manipulated by an unknown hand.

    In a career spanning nearly four decades, Paresh Hazra has exhibited in group shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Chennai, Pondicherry, Hong Kong, New York, California, Canada, Dubai, Kathmandu and UK. He is a recipient of awards like the Certificate of Merit from the Government Art College, Calcutta, the Sunayani Silver Medal from the Oriental Arts Society, Calcutta and the Birla Academy Award, Birla Academy, Calcutta. The artist currently resides and works in Bangalore.

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