Finding Krishna 1

by Shan Bhatnagar
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Size: 42 x 30 inches
Medium: Acrylic with Gold & Silver Foil on Canvas
Year: 2018


In this striking painting, the artist has depicted Lord Krishna as the golden cow, and everyone else (the common people) as silver cows. While we all keeping looking for God in different places of worship, this painting is a reminder that God resides within each of us, and around all of us.
  • ABOUT Shan Bhatnagar

    Shan Bhatnagar is an Indian painter whose vibrant artworks are a distinct take on the traditional temple art of Pichwai. Using oil paints instead of natural dyes or acrylics, and painting on canvas instead of cloth like traditional Pichwais, Shan recreates his darshans at Nandlal ki Haveli (the Shrinathji temple at Nathdwara), in his exquisite artworks. He occasionally incorporates traditional Rajasthani embroidery and jewellery as embellishments in his paintings, which is again, a marked difference from the traditional style.

    Shan Bhatnagar’s deeply emotive paintings of Lord Shrinathji in various moods and seasons, or of serene Nandis and other Krishna motifs like lotuses and parrots, are testament to his spiritual connect with the deity. Lord Shrinathji is Shan’s muse, with whom he shares an intimate relationship that guides his art. Shan is also deeply inspired by Jaipur, where he lives and works, which shows through in his choices of brilliant hues. Besides being a professional artist, Shan is also an interior designer. An artwork by Shan was auctioned by Saffronart in February 2020.

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