The Genesis 01

by Naina Maithani
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Size: 11.5 x 24 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Year: 2020


This artwork is part of a series titled ‘The Genesis’. Comprising 3 panels, it measures 11 x 24 inches. With framing, the size is 15.5 x 29.5 inches. A note from the artist about the series:
"After a decade of experimenting, exploring and painting life on abstract canvasses, it was in 2019, that I felt there was something more within me. The real churning began with my trek to the most sacred place on Earth -The Himalayas. My abstract feelings started taking form while I was passing through those mountain trails. On that trek, I witnessed a full life cycle. From destruction to bloom, from the scorching sun to snow clad mountain peaks, from songbirds to lammergiers. Even the barks of the trees had a story to tell, as I paused to notice. The free-flowing Ganges washed the old me and gave birth to something new within me. When I returned to Bangalore, I began a series titled Impermanence, which captured this new feeling. I painted the mountains, the pines, the forest and even the bark of the trees. And then the world was hit by Covid-19. Grace comes to you in many forms. This time, it came as isolation for most of us. Those months of lockdown allowed me to go deeper within, and made me focus on my source, my roots - life in the mountains. With this new series, ‘The Genesis’, I have rebuilt myself and developed a new artistic language.
There are subtle lines, textures, and my usual play of colours in each work. They take me back to my childhood with my grandparents up in the mountains. Those small villages and tranquil times when less was more; where simplicity was beautiful and fulfilling. You will find yourself teleported to the heavenly Garhwals - the land where the Ganges originates, where God resides in small details. These artworks are my representation of those sacred mountains and its quaint villages in the most abstract form. Impermanence has taken me on a journey to my source – The Genesis, which has been nothing short of a pilgrimage."
  • ABOUT Naina Maithani

    Naina Maithani interprets the sights and sounds of the world around her into radiant abstract art. In a career spanning over a decade, she has always painted the places that have left an indelible mark on her – from Dehradun where she grew up, to Vietnam and Doha, where she has lived. These inspired memories, impressions and images of beauty are conveyed using acrylics on canvas in intense, mellow, and intricate gradations of a multitude of colours. Naina's art is rooted in her connection to the earth, as is evident in the textures she creates. Since 2020, after moving back to her hometown Dehradun during the first Covid lockdown, Naina’s artistic language has undergone a transformation, and her primary artistic inspiration today is the beauty of the mountains, with its changing skies, sunsets, crisp air and varied seasons. She translates her experiences, spirituality, and self-discovery into a unique and energetic visual language, camouflaging the images in her mind’s eye with abstraction and surrealism. Naina has participated in several group shows across India and was a participant in the first Auroville Art Camp in 2019.

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