Prayers at Dusk

by Amiya Bhattacharya
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Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Year: 2015
Size: 36 x 36 inches


This beautiful composition is based on an Indian, in particular, a Bengali tradition of performing prayers at dusk, featuring a lady dressed up for prayers in a white sari with a red border and a bindi on her forehead, her face lit up by a shy smile. A small lamp glows in an alcove in the background, creating a gentle, enchanting ambiance.

  • ABOUT Amiya Bhattacharya

    Born in 1949, Amiya Bhattacharya studied at the Indian College of Arts & Draftsmanship in Kolkata. Thereafter, he became the Senior Art Director of Ananda Bazar Patrika Groups of Publication. Among many other professional forays, he designs art publications for the Center of International Modern Art in Kolkata and also designs covers for Penguin Books India.

    Amiya infuses his paintings with deepened emotions and sensitivity through a highly personal palette and iconography. Throughout his dreamy, somewhat surreal compositions, images of outstretched hands, chairs, the moon, flora and drapery, inhabit his canvases. His hues range from burgundy to ochre to browns and rust, and sometimes, blues. Women populate his creative realms, depicted from the back with bare shoulders, from the side with long tresses. Surrounding these figurative subjects and elements are the architectonic devices of spatial dimension which he deploys, columns and arches, steps and staircases, open windows and trellises, and black-and-white check board parquet.

    Bikash Bhattacharjee, the late eminent senior Bengali artist, has been a principal inspiration. Amiya has exhibited extensively across India and overseas, and his works are in many prominent collections across the country and abroad. He lives and works in Kolkata.

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