The Golden Journey

by Gurmeet Marwah
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Size: 38 x 48 inches
Medium: Charcoal, Acrylic and Golden Leaf on Linen
Year: 2022
Signature: Bottom Right


"The Golden Journey" is a celebration of the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout his life, he preached about love and peace, and he carried these ideals with him to the end of his life. You see him in a golden boat, where the gold symbolizes the purity of his thought. The boat is not sailing in water though; it is in the desert, with thorns underneath. Even when he faced immense challenges and obstacles on his way, Gandhi ji never gave up on his ideals; he stuck to them and spread love and peace wherever he went.
  • ABOUT Gurmeet Marwah

    Born in 1984, Gurmeet Marwah is a Delhi based artist who uses satire to comment on human behaviour, through art that is equal parts heartwarming and thought provoking. He completed his BFA (Painting) in 2009 and MFA (Printmaking) in 2011, from the College of Art, New Delhi.  

    Gurmeet’s work is based on narratives at two levels - the personal and the societal. The images are sarcastic expressions that have their origin in deeply felt emotions. In a way, the satire inherent in his work serves to resolve inner conflicts. Desire is a fundamental aspect of his art, which has many forms, such as the explosion and the entrapment of the heart.

    Gurmeet uses animals and objects as poignant symbols as well as crucibles of emotive content. His artworks depict examples of human behaviour and interactions as satire, wherein the animals and objects act as metaphors. For instance, the docile cow becomes a spectacle, while its actuality lies in feeding off the waste generated by society. Similarly, Gandhiji appears in many works, highlighting how people use his image everywhere, without emulating his simplicity, or following the values for which the great man stood. The image of the donkey represents obstinacy against odds, while the owl is used to symbolize legacy and a sense of associated nostalgia. The crown, which is a symbol of political authority, also fits the bill as an object of desire, whereas the entrapment of hearts in jars and soda bottles act as visual puns.

    Gurmeet Marwah works in different mediums, including charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolour, lithograph, etching, linocut, and his personal favourite - woodcut. While his artworks usually have an earthy colour palette in the background, a pop of colour, usually achieved with red, make the central idea in his works even more prominent. Gurmeet has participated in several group shows for over a decade, and also held 5 solo exhibitions of his work.

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