About the Collection


The Early Technology collection comprises of objects and gadgets from the 20th century, which have been manufactured around the world, from Germany to Japan, USA to England, India to Holland and more. Many of the pieces are in working order, allowing one to indulge in the pleasures of days gone by. One can type a letter, tune and listen to a radio, or telephone a friend using a Bakelite phone. Each of the pieces also make thrilling display items for the home, bringing in a vintage vibe along with reminiscent character. From typewriters to spy cameras, lamps to automobile badges, toys to radios and so much more – the pieces in this collection are also incredible to show to younger generations, explaining the wonders of limited technology from the yesteryears. While the technologies in the pieces might be archaic, the stories they hold are eternal. These period objects and gadgets carry the spirit of the 20th century, when even common utilitarian objects were visually captivating, when design was as important as function, in fact – integral to it. The deep understanding of functional design exhibited in these pieces is poetic, where even seemingly unimportant elements like a hinge or fan guard are aesthetic and thoughtful. Every piece in this collection will take you back to simpler times, and put a smile on your face as you marvel at the careful balance of utility and beauty.

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