Untitled AP05

by Anand Panchal
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Size: 36 x 36 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


This artwork is part of a series titled ‘Radiance’, in which Anand Panchal draws upon the narratives of ancient sacred Hindu texts, for the characters that populate his enchanting compositions. The ten incarnations of Vishnu, known as the Dashavatara in Hindu mythology, is a thread that binds the series, finding expression in the motifs that are depicted in the paintings.

For this series, Panchal was inspired by the art on the walls of temples he visited in his youth, as well as the legends and myths told by his grandmother. He has used an artistic language that draws inspiration from the different schools of the Miniature Art tradition of India, such as the Pahari, Kangra, Rajput and the Madhubani, to tell ancient stories in a style that is his own. The sketches of the characters in the background come alive with his controlled application of texture.

Playing freely with colour, Panchal toys with the colours of the sky, that depict the ‘calm’ and the emotional depth of his artworks. The grey tones in particular, are an anchor that holds the series together, forming the background for Panchal’s retelling of stories new and old.

  • ABOUT Anand Panchal

    Born in Latur, Maharashtra, Anand Panchal is a critically acclaimed artist who studied at the J.J School of Art in Mumbai. Lyrical, rustic worlds take centre stage in Panchal’s acrylics on canvas. His incandescent art documents the enduring soul of India, as seen in its indigenous culture, beliefs and traditions.

    From capturing the simplicity of village life to the richness of Indian mythology, the artist displays great range, punctuating the figurative and symbolic elements with abstract spaces, making his paintings appear vast as well as intimate. Like the notes beguiling of a lilting, many-hued raga, Anand Panchal’s compositions are coloured in a radiant palette of brilliant reds, blues and ochres. The bold colours are balanced out perfectly with his signature technique of combining the smooth and the textured in his application of paint. His impasto knifework transforms into a finely blended surface seamlessly, creating depth in his works. With imagery that is poetic and magical, communicating the artist’s mastery of technique, Panchal’s artworks command a presence that lingers in your mind long after you look away.

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