8 Ways to Add the Classic 'Black and White' Colour Combination to Your Decor

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A timeless colour palette in fashion, design and décor, black and white is always a good idea when you’re looking to redecorate your house. Whether you choose to go all the way or just want to add a bit of the combination to your rooms, here are some tips on how you can use black and white in your décor.

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1. Flooring

If you are redoing your floors or redecorating your house, one way in which you can use the black and white colour combination in your décor is to use it on your floors. Chequered tiles, black and white granite or even patterns – black and white floors are definitely going to add a lot of energy to your rooms.

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2. Carpets and Rugs

If redoing the floors is not an option you’re looking at right now, then another way you could add some black and white to your floors is through carpets and rugs. Easily available in all sorts of designs and textures, carpets are an easy and low-commitment way to switch things up in your home.

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(Manhattan Carpet, available for purchase on Artisera)

(Maroc Carpet, available for purchase on Artisera)

3. Furnishing

Black and white cushions look great on a sofa of any colour and can instantly change up the look of a room! You can experiment with the patterns for an interesting look.You can also pair black and white curtains or bed linen with other brightly coloured décor to tone them down.


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4. Wall Art

Well curated art never fails to make a statement in your home décor and is often used to add colour to a room. But black and white art also makes quite an impact on a wall, especially if the wall is brightly coloured. Try using an impactful artwork on a large, empty wall, for a dramatic effect. Or, you could even arrange smaller paintings in a cluster or side by side on a wall, for a stunning display.

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(The Awakening by Sangeeta Abhay, available for purchase on Artisera) 

(Voyage by Naina Maithani Kulkarni, available for purchase on Artisera)

5. Statement Furniture

An interesting way to add some character to your living room is through statement furniture! And a great idea for your stand-out piece is black and white Bone Inlay furniture, which will looks striking in any sort of space. You can choose from timeless, traditional patterns or funky, contemporary designs in coffee tables, consoles, side tables and cabinets for that perfect conversation starter.


(Hexagonal Tall Side Table With Stylized Legs, available for purchase on Artisera)


(Zig Zag Retro Coffee Table, available for purchase on Artisera)

6. Wallpaper

If you’re redoing your walls, try creating one statement wall with boldly patterned black and white wallpaper. You can also opt for something more subtle, like delicate floral prints. Hang a few accent pieces in a striking colour, like gold or red, and your statement wall is set!

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7. Photo Wall

An interesting décor idea is to create a wall of black and white photographs. You can start your own collection of black and white photos by professional photographers.You can even blow up and frame your own personal photos. This will make a unique display that will definitely catch the eye, whether against a while wall, or even against a bright wall.

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(Photographs by Karl Blossfeldt, available for purchase on Artisera)

 8. High Contrast Accent Pieces

Playing with contrast is a good way to highlight the best features of your accent pieces, especially when trying to achieve a black and white look. A group of black vases will look even more arresting when arranged in front of a white wall. Similarly, a black accent wall will draw out the best features of your white décor pieces.

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While it may not be very easy to incorporate the 'black and white' combination into your home decor, these clever tips definitely make it easier! From a whole floor, to just one piece of furniture, this classic colour combination offers the perfect way to add some spunk, style and statement to your decor.

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