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Size: 35.8 x 47.6 inches
Medium: Natural Colour, Paper, Silk
  • ABOUT Sharmi Chowdhury

    Born in 1974 in Kolkata, Sharmi Chowdhury completed her BFA from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University in Shantiniketan in 2003 and her MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University Baroda, in 2005. Her art is a commentary on human relationships, as she reflects on human attitudes, complexities, and how artificial human relationships can sometimes be. What may look like the depiction of a simple relationship on her canvas, often gives way to the portrayal of something more significant. Mostly rendered in sombre or gloomy colours, Sharmi’s artworks have multiple perspectives, somewhat like miniature paintings. Though her preferred medium is oil on canvas, Sharmi also experiments with acrylic, tempera and watercolour. She works with materials like silk pulp paper and natural colours, that gives her art a distinct visual appeal.

    Sharmi Chowdhury has participated in several solo shows as well as group exhibitions in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Baroda, New York, Mexico, Germany, and Spain. She won the Kala Bhavan Merit Scholarship in 1998, and is also a recipient of the Nokia Art Award (1998) and The Camlin Art Award (2003). Sharmi currently lives and works in Baroda.

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