Lovers Lane, Byculla - Bombay #1, 1982

by Karan Kapoor
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Medium: Silver Gelatin Print
Edition: Edition of 12
Size: 16 x 20 inches


This photograph is part of a collection titled ‘Time & Tide’, by Karan Kapoor.

Time & Tide is comprised of photographs drawn from two bodies of work by Kapoor. The first, the genesis of his interest in photography, are photographs from the 1980’s of older Anglo-Indians primarily from Calcutta and Bombay. An Anglo-Indian himself, Kapoor was interested in the community that found themselves caught between the racial divide, and since the end of the British Empire, in a steadily changing world.

The idea of a world no longer present or fast fading, central to this work, also forms a primary thread in Kapoor’s second series of photographs taken during his frequent visits to Goa, where he vacationed with his family and friends at their house on Baga Beach. Taken in the 1990s, these photographs capture an older Goa, the last remnants of Portuguese Goa. Although Goan Catholics, probably the largest inheritors and key defenders of their Portuguese heritage continue to exist in Goa today, their numbers have steadily declined over the years.

  • ABOUT Karan Kapoor

    Karan Kapoor is a London-based photographer of Indian and British descent. After pursuing a career in the Indian film and modelling industries, Karan Kapoor, son of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor and grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor, took up photojournalism in the 1980s. Since then, he has focused considerably on photography for advertising, and worked on multiple high-profile campaigns for major brands through the course of his career.

    Kapoor’s photographs have been exhibited at the Photographers Gallery, The Commonwealth Institute, Royal Academy of Arts and the Association of Photographers. His work has been published by several media-houses and he continues to be critically acclaimed by the photography industry.

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