Gauri Worshipping Shivalinga

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Size (WxDxH): 4.5 x 2.7 x 6.5 inches
Medium: Brass
Origin: North Karnataka / Maharashtra


This is a Deccan, cast brass figure of Gauri worshipping a Shivlinga from North Karnataka or Maharashtra. Gauri is an avatar of Ma Parvati, mother of Lord Ganesha. She is the Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, harmony, marriage, children and devotion. She sits in a half lotus yoga pose on a swing holding the linga in her hands. The swing represents happiness, abandon and freedom. Traditionally, either a divine couple, or the child Krishna, or a lone Parvati are shown seated on a swing. The swing has an architectural niche in the centre framing Gauri, who has her hair pulled back in a plait and is adorned with neck ornaments and anklets. The niche is engraved with decorative designs and on the top of the frame of the swing is a protective yali face. Below the yali are engraved chevron designs and stylised foliage. The pillars of the swing are also engraved and a lappet design that runs down the sides.
Yali is a mythical creature seen in many South Indian temples, often sculpted onto the pillars. It may be portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse. It has sometimes also been described as a leogryph (part lion and part griffin), with some bird-like features.