A Pile of Worlds (triptych)

by Claire Iono
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Size: 41 x 93 inches
Medium: Watercolours and Tempera on Canvas
Signature: Bottom Right
Year: 2020
  • ABOUT Claire Iono

    Claire Iono’s artistic journey is an expression of the unfolding of her transformative spiritual journey. Her imaginative paintings effortlessly create an image of hope and life, with positive energy radiating through the ethereal world manifested in her work. Born in 1969 in Paris, as a child Claire wanted to live several lives in one. True to this idea, she explored different paths before placing her art practice at the centre of her life.

    Claire was initially trained in Fine Arts in France by a Bauhaus painter. Her artistic journey was furthered by her training in the Japanese painting technique Sumi-e (ink wash technique), which had a profound effect on her development as an artist. In the forms of Japanese and Chinese art that she studied, there was a strong focus on using just black ink on white paper, which helped Claire redefine her ideas of space, substance, and form. Now, in her artistic practice, she focuses on the finesse of strokes and lines, and the harmony of different elements with one another, achieving a certain simplicity in her artworks which reflect purity of thought.

    Since 2010, Claire has been living in the experimental township of Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India. Her art reflects the blend of cultural influences she had in her journey as an artist - she uses tempera with wash technique as used in traditional ancient Indian arts, as well as watercolours and ink used in East-Asian art. Claire finds inspiration in legendary artists such as Paul Klee, V.S. Gaitonde and Zao Wou-Ki. She intuitively fluctuates between abstract and figurative, creating subtle worlds that evoke imaginary and symbolic landscapes. Her iridescent paintings are a manifestation of the will that allows us to overcome limitations. The skies represent possibilities, and on Earth, where all human limitations reside, there are seas and rivers that flow and link everything. In Claire’s visual storytelling, there are no boundaries between realms; instead, they simply unfold into each other in a continuum.

    Claire Iono has held several solo shows and group exhibitions, and her artworks are found in collectors’ homes around the world. 

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