Nandi 02

by Vivek Kumavat
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Size: 24 x 24 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2022
  • ABOUT Vivek Kumavat

    Vivek Kumavat’s art practice is inspired by Nandi, the sacred bull that is the vahana of Lord Shiva and guardian of Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The artist received his BFA from the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. He has exhibited throughout India as well as in Dubai, London, and Singapore.

    Vivek hails from a small town where domesticated animals could be seen everywhere. The bull captured his attention due to its strength, grace and place in Indian mythology, as well as its universal recognition as the zodiac sign - Taurus. In his paintings, Vivek captures the bull’s ability to do strenuous work by depicting a strong physique. At the same time, he gives their faces a soft expression as bulls are gentle and friendly animals unless they need to be ferocious. Vivek believes that animals project many characteristics similar to people, and he constantly reflects on similarities between humans and bulls, inspiring us to imbibe the positivity of the animal.

    Besides the physical characteristics, Vivek also focuses on the holy position that the bull, or Nandi, holds in Indian mythology. Completely devoted to Shiva, we find Nandi placed at the entrance of Lord Shiva’s temples. Prayers at Shiva’s temples are also incomplete without reverence to Nandi. Vivek loves this Indian tradition of giving importance to animals not only for their utility, but also as holy figures in mythology. To create the religious aura in his paintings, Vivek incorporates detailed and elaborate figures inside the body of the bulls, narrating mythological tales. These intricate details are inspired by the Pattachitra style of painting. The background colours Vivek uses in his paintings are usually vibrant, such as red, orange, blue, green, and yellow, exuding a certain Indianness. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.

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