Sukanya Garg


Sukanya Garg explores the human body's intricacies, particularly the perceptions that stem from the constant evolution of cell structures. Her practice is inspired by her unprecedented journey across the world to understand pain and the diverse practices of healing. Sukanya has developed an artistic language that explores life’s fragility and resilience, whilst taking us on a simultaneous path into the body's interiority and the cosmos of the universe. Her practice explores the underlying layers of one’s being, digging deep to unravel the mysteries of identity, perception, reality, and dreams. Understanding how the human perception of these revelations is influenced by an individual’s intrinsic attributes and his or her constantly changing external environment, is what lies at the core of her work. For Sukanya, art is a medium of instilling hope in a turbulent time, such as the one we inhabit today. 

A graduate of Public Policy from Duke University, Sukanya Garg’s artistic practice was developed with the guidance of artist Shobha Broota. A trained economist who became an artist, writer, curator and a poet, Garg’s works have been shown at the Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu; Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata; Under the Mango Tree Art Space, Berlin; Galera, Užupio Meno Inkubatorius, Vilnius; Centre for Contemporary Art, Bikaner House, New Delhi; Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi; Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi; National Museum, Delhi among others.

She has been the recipient of the Ravi Jain Memorial Annual Fellowship Award 2021 by Dhoomimal Gallery in the field of visual art and has been nominated for several other awards including the 55th Annual Award by the Birla Academy for Art & Culture, Kolkata; Annual All India Fine Arts Award by Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata; and Abir India’s First Take 2022 Award, Abir India, Ahmedabad. Her writings have appeared in several art magazines, journals, and as part of curatorial notes and catalogues. Formerly a writer for STIRworld Magazine, Garg currently curates exhibitions and art programs with The Reliance Foundation in Mumbai. The artist is based in Delhi and Mumbai.

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