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Size: 24 x 24 inches
Medium: Charcoal on Canvas
Year: 2023
  • ABOUT Gurudas Shenoy

    Born in 1965 in the small coastal town of Udupi in Karnataka, Gurudas Shenoy is an acclaimed artist with a career spanning over three decades. Having been born to senior artist G.S. Shenoy, he lived and breathed art since the day he was born, and developed a passion for the colours of nature at an early age. M.F. Husain, a close friend of his father's, was a mentor, and has hugely inspired Gurudas Shenoy's journey as an artist. He has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in 200+ group shows at leading art galleries in India, including several at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

    Known for his abstract and vibrant cityscapes, Gurudas Shenoy graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda in 1988. Shenoy’s passion for nature and its brilliant hues, and cities with their vibrancy and multitude of stories, reflects in his paintings. Dexterous use of colours, lines, light and textures, forms the crux of his stunning abstract cityscapes, capturing the dynamism of architectural spaces with their historicity. Gurudas Shenoy also revisits landscapes from the past - vast abstract terrains, with their undulating surfaces and shadows on the ground. While his medium of choice is oil on canvas, the award-winning artist has a fondness for watercolours, and after much experimentation, he has managed to create a watercolour-like lightness in his oil paintings.

    Over the years, drawings, paintings, installations and murals have been a part of Gurudas Shenoy’s art practice. Several of his murals form prominent landmarks in various centres of the corporate world and his paintings and installations are located at corporate and private institutions and residences in India and abroad. A member of the South Kanara Art Council (SKAC) and the Bombay Art Society, Gurudas Shenoy was also the curator for M.F Husain’s museum, “Husain Sankalana”, in Bangalore, from 1991 till its closing in 2008. He is a recipient of the Bendre-Husain National Award by the Bombay Art Society, and has also founded the Shenoy Art Foundation, which supports young, upcoming artists. Gurudas Shenoy lives and works in Bangalore.

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