Madhuri Kathe

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Madhuri Kathe is an established artist known for her mixed-media abstract artworks. Deeply spiritual, she believes that art is a vivid reflection of the inner beauty of the cosmos. Madhuri uses unusual materials such as medical gauze, tissue, and handmade papers from Korea, combining them with acrylic colours to create magic on canvas. Her colour palette consists of calming hues such as sea-green, blue, burnt orange, purple, pale yellow and white. Nature is a source of continuous inspiration to her. Having loved art since a very young age, she completed her higher education in Madhya Pradesh before moving to Mumbai. She holds a Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting from Vikram University in Ujjain, and another Master’s in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology. She has also completed a PhD in Miniature Paintings. Madhuri grew up listening to philosophies of various Indian ‘sants’, and has a deep understanding of spiritual practices. She believes in the concept of ‘nirankar’, or formlessness, which inspires her art. Madhuri Kathe has participated in various solo shows and group exhibits both in India and abroad, and has been part of prestigious art residencies, including one in Sweden in 2018.


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