Lalu Prasad Shaw

Artist Profile

Born in 1937 in Bengal, Lalu Prasad Shaw is widely known for his highly stylized portraits of Bengali women and couples. Having graduated from Government College of Arts in Calcutta, Shaw’s work is unique in that it draws from traditional Indian influences, and combines them with modern painting techniques. Influenced by the pre-independence Company School of art, traditional Kalighat Pat and Ajanta cave paintings, Shaw’s works lay emphasis on his subject’s physical characteristics.

A reflection of his personality, Lalu Prasad Shaw’s works are simple and graceful, with a well-composed and smooth exterior. An extremely well-respected artist, Shaw’s paintings are heavily influenced by nature and the simple life of the Bengali middle class. Although internationally recognized as a painter, Shaw also took a liking to printmaking at the young age of 32. Involved with lithography and intaglio, he is also highly acclaimed for his work as a printmaker.

Shaw has exhibited extensively in India and abroad since the 1950s. His works have been part of prestigious international shows like the second British Biennale in 1970, the Norwegian Print Biennales in 1974 and 1978, and the seventh Paris Biennale in 1971. Known for creating works that have an intimate feel to them, the artist currently works and resides in Kolkata.

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