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The past year has tested the world in many ways. Through these incredibly trying times, the one factor that has bound us together across religion, geography, and culture, is faith. Faith in the almighty, faith in the power of prayer, faith in human relations and faith in the balance of nature. Forms of Faith is a group exhibition featuring artworks by 12 eminent Indian artists, who have interpreted the theme in their unique styles, guided by individual sensibilities and one’s own artistic language. Rooted in prayer, spirituality, mythology, rituals, beliefs, philosophy and human relationships, the artworks in the exhibition are bound together by the sacred thread of everlasting faith.
Amol Pawar takes inspiration from the mythological stories he grew up listening to, creating multi-layered paintings with elements ranging from typography to iconography to line drawings. For Basuki Dasgupta, it is the patterns and earthiness of the terracotta temples in his hometown of Bishnupur, that have found a way into his richly textured works inspired by Durga and other deities. G. Subramanian is known for his collage-style depictions of gods and goddesses, retaining a childlike innocence in their faces. Ganapati Hegde highlights the presence of the almighty in nature, seen through the harmonious balance that exists across a multitude of elements. Nagesh Goud weaves elaborate narratives within the faces of his protagonists inspired by the great Hindu epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana. Nikheel Aphale is a calligraphy artist who celebrates the beauty of the Devanagiri script, interspersing his contemporary artworks with different shlokas and prayers. Paresh Hazra uses egg tempera as his chosen medium, adding theatre to his technique-laden artworks by lending a puppet-like characteristic to his mythological figures. Sachin Jaltare is known for masterfully combining abstract and figurative elements, depicts the eternal Shiva Parvati in his contemporary yet Indian canvasses. Sangeeta Abhay draws from her early experiences of visiting the Ajanta Caves close to her hometown of Buldana, paying homage to the Buddha and his teachings through her magnificent artworks. Shan Bhatnagar is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, who has reinvented the traditional artform of pichwai painting from Nathdwara, through his embellished mixed media artworks. Siddharth Shingade depicts stories from mythology, as well as scenes from the ordinary lives of simple men and women, highlighting their journeys, rituals, and beliefs through his detailed paintings. Sujata Achrekar pursues the portrayal of priests against the backdrop of pilgrimage centres and Sanskrit verses, in her vividly coloured artworks.
Through their own lens, each artist takes us on a journey of faith, helping us believe in a higher power, in humanity, in nature, and in the universe.

12 Artists. Infinite Interpretations.

Each artist featured in the exhibition has a distinct artistic language developed and refined over many years. From oil to egg tempera, acrylic to charcoal, pen to watercolour, the artists have used various mediums to create stunning works of art that appeal to both traditional and contemporary sensibilities.

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