Balaji's Antiques and Collectibles

Located in the oldest part of Bangalore city, the renowned business, Balaji’s Antiques and Collectibles, was established in 1924. Specializing in South Indian works of art, including Ravi Varma lithographs, unique bronze artefacts, Mysore and Tanjore paintings and maps of India, Balaji’s also deals in colonial and ethnic furniture and international early technology like mechanical gramophones, collectible watches and tin toys. Their unusual and vintage products attract a wide clientele, not only from India, but from around the globe. In fact, props ranging from old newspapers to vintage cars were supplied by Balaji’s for David Lean’s critically acclaimed film ‘A Passage to India’. Their rare collection of antiques and collectibles are acquired after extensive travelling and thorough research. Today, items and artworks from Balaji’s Antiques and Collectibles feature in the collections of the Dharmasthala Museum (South Kanara), the Omega Museum (Germany) and many others, including that of private collectors.


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