Amol Pawar's Artistic Style


Amol Pawar’s artworks are like stories. There are characters, plots, and sub-plots, that come together cohesively to form a larger narrative, and present the whole picture to the viewer. Amol grew up in unique circumstances, experiencing both village and city life during his childhood. This contrast makes itself evident in his art, as he chooses to paint subjects from mythology, reminiscent of the stories of gods and goddesses he heard in his childhood, but his treatment of the subjects is intellectual, unusual and contemporary. Viewing Amol’s paintings is akin to going on a journey, wherein one sees mountains, rivers, flowers, villages, farmlands, cities and so much more. Similarly, Amol’s artworks are filled with icons, symbols, line drawings, calligraphy, miniature paintings, graphic elements and textures, all of which make the journey of experiencing his art, an immensely enjoyable experience.
A Journey of Faith is a collection of artworks by Amol Pawar that celebrate his adeptness with various mediums, including oil, ink, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and 24K gold leaf. His complex, layered, and detailed paintings create a striking visual impact from afar as well as up close. An emerging and promising artist, Amol has won international recognition and participated in over 40 groups shows in India, London, Warsaw, New York and Singapore.

God is in the Details

Amol's artworks are as mesmerizing up close, as they are dramatic at a distance. The beauty of his art lies in the spectacular detailing, as he builds his paintings layer upon layer. One discovers new things each time you view the canvas, staring in wonder and amazement.

The Artist Speaks

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