We love seeing how pieces from our collection add beauty and joy to our clients homes in 100+ cities around the world. Browse below to see images shared by our clients from their beautiful spaces.

  • Serigraph by Manu Parekh
    Client: R. Kamat
  • Painting by Madan Pawar
    Client: A. Choudary
    Hyderabad, India
  • Commissioned Painting by Basuki Dasgupta
    Client: S. DSouza
  • Painting by Madhuri Kathe
    Client: M. Singh
    Bangalore, India
  • Gond Painting by Rajendra Kumar Shyam
    Client: S. Sureen
    Dubai, UAE
  • Painting by Sachin Sagare
    Client: R. Banerjee
    Mumbai, India
  • Serigraph by S.H. Raza
    Client: V. Khetawat
    Kolkata, India
  • Commissioned Painting by Gurudas Shenoy
    Client: N.C. Punia
    Dubai, UAE
  • Pichwai Painting by Nemichand
    Client: HK Nair
    Bangalore, India
  • Painting by Bhaskara Rao Botcha
    Client: D. Nath
    Goa, India
  • Commissioned Painting by Ganapati Hegde
    Client: B. Reddy
    Bangalore, India
  • Commissioned Painting by Nikheel Aphale
    Client: Mahitha R.
    Wellesley, USA
  • Serigraph by Thota Vaikuntam
    Client: B. Narayan
    Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • Painting by Dinkar Jadhav
    Client: M. Chopra
    Gurgaon, India
  • Paintings by Claire Iono
    Client: A. Banerji
    Bangalore, India
  • Painting by Sachin Jaltare
    Client: Sonal Gandhi
    Chicago, USA
  • Painting by Vinita Karim
    Client: N. Shankar
    Bangalore, India
  • Painting by Dinkar Jadhav
    Client: S. Nandan
    New Jersey, USA
  • Painting by Laxman Aelay
    Client: S. Naidu
    Dubai, UAE
  • Serigraph by M.F. Husain
    Client: D. Chitgopekar
    Mumbai, India
  • Artwork by Basuki Dasgupta
    Client: P. Tyagi